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How To Avoid Solar Spam

Some of the most common solar spam offers you may see online are: “Solar is free!”

Watch out. This statement can be deceptive. Yes, the information we provide is free. Also, the energy of the sun is free and always has been. But the solar panels themselves take time, money, materials, and engineering to manufacturing by certified builders. Then they need to be product-tested for efficacy and durability. 

Because of this, the solar energy system does cost money, but there are many financing options available. And once you cover the cost of the panels, you are only responsible for a meager monthly grid connectivity fee and the cost of any excess energy you take from the utility company. This usually amounts to pennies on the dollar, which is why solar is just a phenomenal long-term investment, and even quite a good short-term one.

“Everyone Is Qualified”

Well, not exactly. There are a few requirements to going solar. First, you have to be the owner of the property. If you’re not the property owner, we cannot legally sign you up for solar. 

Second, you need to live in a city that is generally sunny. So your amount of daytime sun on average needs to work in your favor. Granted, you will generate some electricity even on cloudy days, but if it rains four days a week where you are, going solar is probably not the best option for you. 

Third, you will need access to a utility company that offers net metering for homeowners going solar. Net metering is critical for the utility company to be able to credit you for the energy you produce and even offer SRECs for overproduction. (If you wish to go entirely off the grid, battery backups are available for an added cost.) And fourth, it really helps to have a tax appetite. What this means is if you are liable for federal taxes, you can deduct them in the amount of up to 30% off the price of your system costs. This could be a huge money-saver for you, making an already really good deal amazing.

“Get Your Solar Quote Instantly”

Actually, this is impossible. Anyone who can quote you on a system instantly is making numbers up to amuse you. The reality is that a lot of work must go into the process for it to be accurate and useful to you.

 First we need to qualify you as a viable candidate for solar. Then we analyze your energy usage and local sun hour variables to determine the system size that would effectively cover your daily energy demand year-round. Once our engineers determine the optimum system size and approximate cost for your property, we show you the plans and run a credit check to see which financing terms you qualify for. From there, you select the plan that works best for you, and then we proceed with the rest of the process—namely the site inspection, gathering permits from the city, installation, and connectivity. 

So you see, we can’t just pull a number out of a hat. Solar doesn’t quite work like that! Our skilled solar consultants however are equipped with measurement software and 3D modeling technology to give you a 1–2 hour turn-around. So, not quite instant, but certainly convenient and what’s more—it’s accurate and personalized for your specific energy requirements.

The Final Word about Solar Spam

To conclude, solar is a truly great way to win at producing your own electricity, reducing your carbon footprint, increasing your property value, and paying less for it. To learn more about going solar, contact Michigan Solar and Roofing, for your free estimate so we can show you just how much you can save short and long-term with solar energy!

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