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Commercial Solar Panel Services in Michigan

We can mount your panels in your yard or assemble them into a carport or even a canopy if you rather be the one sitting in the shade instead of your car!  Often, our commercial customers are best served by this option as they have larger parking lots and limited roof space.

Commercial solar plant set

Solar Panels Services

  • Residential Panels
  • Commercial Panels
  • Solar System Monitoring Software and Mobile Application

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How efficient are rooftop solar panels for business?

Commercial solar panels typically have an efficiency range of 15-20%, and some of them are even able to reach 25-30%. It has been a long journey for solar panels since their beginnings, when their efficiency was only 1% at best. Michigan Solar and Roofing installs some of the most efficient commercial solar panels on the market, and we are committed to ensuring their efficiency.

The efficiency of commercial solar panels is much higher than that of residential solar panels. Due to the fact that you need less space, fewer materials, and less planning to install them, you can get your money back much more quickly since you need less planning, less materials, and less space to do so. The most efficient systems are also more likely to last for a longer period of time than those that are less efficient.

Furthermore, due to the high efficient of our solar panels, Michigan Solar and Roofing’s solar installations are an invaluable asset for any business. As a result, they can help you offset significant parts (if not all) of your energy costs while at the same time providing you with a positive image of sustainability for your company.

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What are the benefits of installing solar in your business?

In order to make the right decision about switching to solar energy for your business, you must evaluate your existing energy supply situation and determine your future energy requirements thoroughly. You will ultimately decide based on the benefits of solar power, as with any business investment. Solar energy is a long-term investment that requires time for a decent return.

  • Cuts Overhead Business Costs
  • Has Future Longevity
  • Creates Energy Independence
  • Offers Excellent Tax Benefits
  • It’s An Investment With Continuous Financial And Environmental Returns

Renewable solar power plant on buildings