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– Professional Roofing in Michigan –

Of course, as our name implies, we also provide roofing services! Whether you want a full tear off or a simple reshingling or even a metal roof, we are guaranteed to beat the prices of any pure roofer. How can we guarantee that?  For a couple reasons, we are not looking to make any profits when we update your roof because our goal is to facilitate your solar installation. Also you are eligible for the same 26% tax credit for your roof install as you get for purchasing a solar system which is simply not the case with any traditional roofer.

Best deals!

Typically, when we have a customer who needs to full replace their roof or even wants a new metal roof along with their solar system, that roof cost ends up being offset entirely due to the tax credit! Our roofing team has over 20 years of experience….each of them has 20 years of experience!

– Our Roofing Services –

Roofing Repair

Your trusted local Michigan roof repair specialists are here to help. Whether you’ve noticed drips during stormy weather, discolorations on your ceiling or walls, you have missing shingles, or other problems–contact us today.

New Roof Installation

Michigan Solar and Roofing has grown to become a leading installer of residential roofing systems. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality roofing systems as well as a high level of service that is unmatched by the competition.

Metal Roofing Installation

The days of plain roofs are over! More homeowners are choosing metal roofs than ever. In years past, it used to be primarily industrial buildings that chose metal roofing, and that’s simply not the case any longer. Trust our company for all of your metal roof needs.